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The Evolution of Fashion: The Story of the Signet Ring

Signet rings have a long and illustrious history and figure prominently in a great deal of well known artwork and literature. The signet ring’s original purposes of indicating rank and imprinting seals on important letters are no longer concerns in the modern western world, but the beauty of signet rings and their interesting background have kept them alive as stylish fashion accessories for men and women.

The most common types of signet rings currently worn are made from white or yellow gold and engraved with the initials or simply the first letter of the wearer’s first name.

Today there are a variety of fully engravable signet rings styles, often with your choice of up to three characters. Many of these rings are accented by a simple looped border that looks similar to a doily or basic scrollwork and gives them an old world look that is quite reminiscent of the Renaissance era.

Yellow gold styles of gold signet ring allow for an unbelievable level of detail and customization thanks to the inherent softness and malleability of this metal. Many 14k gold signet ring styles are individually designed with a variety of wearers with different tastes, interests, and lifestyles in mind, which makes perfect sense when one considers that conveying an individual’s identity was in fact the original purpose of these rings.

White gold signet rings are also the choice of more active men, or men who wish to wear their rings regularly, as white gold is slightly harder and stronger than yellow gold and will make a tougher ring. Hand carved designs, crosses, and starburst lines give each of our men’s white gold signet rings a distinctive effect.

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