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Make Your Wedding Stand Out with Your Tungsten Ring and A Personal Theme

A new custom that couples are following today is having a non-traditional wedding. They are choosing newer, stronger material for their wedding rings such as tungsten bands and even having Hobby Theme weddings. Some couples even choose to match their tungsten bands by either getting the same tungsten ring or two complementary tungsten bands. With so many different widths of rings to choose from as well as so many different themes, planning a hobby theme wedding should be fun and enjoyable.

For the couple that can’t stay in one place, a travel or destination themed wedding would be perfect. Center pieces could include pictures and anecdotes from your favorite trips and you could rave to your friends and family about how well your tungsten bands stand up to your adventures. Wedding favorites could consist of either a personalized travel candle or even a tin of travel mints.

If going to the movies is one of your favorite activities to do as a couple, turning your favorite movie into your theme would be easy. Your tungsten bands can be chosen to match the theme and you can even have your wedding cake be a scene from your favorite flick or have your favorite characters on top.

Another popular theme can involve a favorite sport or pastime activity. A “Gone Fishing” theme wedding is charming and different. Your colors can take inspiration from the deep seas and your menu selections can do the same. Don’t forget your tungsten ring on your next boating trip.

Your theme wedding can be are traditional or outrageous as you want. You can make a music themed wedding with your favorite tunes. Choose something special that inspires you and you and your guests will surely have a fantastic time. No matter what, choose a theme that both you and your partner will enjoy while admiring your tungsten ring that you chose just for them.

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