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Historical Inspiration for Modern Anniversary Gifts

The fifth and tenth wedding anniversaries are some of the most meaningful milestone years, and are definitely ranked high in importance (along with the first year) among early anniversaries. When seeking the right gift to set the tone and express your affection, looking to old traditions that can be honored in new ways sometimes helps.

For the ten-year mark more modest gifts were once the norm, but these days, with couples marrying later in life and becoming more affluent sooner, this standard has changed. This anniversary is now commonly considered the diamond anniversary, making a five stone diamond ring and other types of diamond anniversary jewelry a popular gift.

The next major anniversary after the first year together is the five year anniversary, another occasion fitting for the gift of a five stone ring.

There are also flowers, colors, and gemstones traditionally associated with each anniversary that can inform your choices. For the 5 year anniversary, these are pink, daisies, and sapphires, so a five stone ring with a yellow center diamond or an eternity band with white diamonds and pink or yellow sapphires would be well received. The ten-year symbols, besides diamonds, are daffodils and the color blue. This is another case in which colored gemstones like blue or yellow sapphires can be a thoughtful addition to an elegant piece of jewelry.

Setting the right scene to unveil your ten or five year anniversary gift also plays a role. Wine, especially port, has a history in anniversary symbolism, as does mead, so dinner or tapas paired with one of these will set a perfect romantic mood.

In the end, of course, it doesn’t matter how traditional or trendy your gifts and celebrations are; if your jewelry and other gifts are chosen with love and attention to detail, your anniversary will be as joyful as your wedding day.

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