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Great Advice for Affordable, Memorable Weddings

There are a lot of different reasons for having a smaller wedding, the economy being one of the biggest reasons. Gas prices have gone up considerably in the last couple of years so sometimes even planning a destination wedding for some couples is out of the question. Some couples actually have small families and only want to invite their most intimate friends to their wedding.

Backyard weddings or at-home ceremonies with outdoor wedding receptions are very popular depending on where you live, the climate and the season. If you or a family member or close friend don’t really have the room to set up and accommodate your guests and a buffet and eating area, check with local parks to see about renting a pavilion and space for an afternoon.

The wedding cake can take up a large part of your wedding day budget. Use a small wedding cake or perhaps fewer tiers to save money. You will find that not each and every wedding guest will eat their portion and quite a few guests will choose not to take a piece home. Use fresh blooms as the decoration on your wedding cake to save the expense of time consuming hand made sugar flowers

Whilst your wedding flowers is a vital part of your own bridal style statement, you only get to make use of them temporarily and then toss them aside by the end of the evening. Save by using flowers that are in season. Use your church floral arrangements to also decorate your reception and guest lounging areas.

A terrific way to help to make major discounts on your wedding would be to steer clear of booking your wedding in high demand seasons. Instead of getting married in the most popular time of the year – typically spring and summer, you could book a beautiful fall or wintertime wedding. You’ll be able to negotiate more affordable venue fees, but a cooler climate will provide your wedding with a completely unique and gorgeous wedding theme. Rates tend to be more competitive on a Sunday or weekday.

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