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ThingzForYou - How to - Should I - Where are - What is - Who is - When is » Internet Marketing http://thingzforyou.com Wed, 14 Sep 2011 01:46:12 +0000 en hourly 1 http://wordpress.org/?v=3.0.1 http://thingzforyou.com http://thingzforyou.com/wp-content/mbp-favicon/texas logo ico.jpg ThingzForYou - How to - Should I - Where are - What is - Who is - When is SEO Training or SEO Education http://thingzforyou.com/blog/seo-training-or-seo-education?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=seo-training-or-seo-education http://thingzforyou.com/blog/seo-training-or-seo-education#comments Wed, 27 Jul 2011 11:16:10 +0000 Bridger B. Treto http://thingzforyou.com/blog/seo-training-or-seo-education

For those who have an internet site or business you are likely thinking whether it is worth outsourcing the SEO campaigns for your website promotion with another party. This is a very good question.

There are some positive aspects of outsourcing your SEO work if you do it properly however for you to better understand the things you need you need to understand SEO yourself. There are two areas to search engine optimization to improve your rankings. The first is the on-site factors which concern how your website is set up and where you put the most essential words and phrases on your websites.

The other area is SEO off-site, which is with regards to the tactics you can use to get presence for your written content. There are right and wrong ways of doing this.

The requirement for both parts is an excellent understanding of keyword research. There are lots of keyword research resources that can be used to find out what your customers are searching for, and they don’t cost you anything. Many individuals still think that SEO is for technical people but actually it is much more of all about your marketing skills. It is all about getting visibility for your product or services. You must do an SEO training program so that you can either do the work yourself if you choose to do it this way, or else to know what you need to outsource. You also have to be cautious on outsourcing because if you get a person who does not know best practice, you can destroy your company image or brand.

There are tons of companies that spam you about generating a thousand links to your website for very little investment, but how you build your links is critical. It’s far better to get natural links developing and pointing to your site by the types of off-site SEO strategy you decide to apply, as opposed to pay someone for links. If you have spent a lot of money and time for your website it is a great idea to have a basic SEO training.

You can learn more information about SEO with this link: outsourcing your SEO. In addition, if you are into Adsense, this report is a must see: Adsense Guide Report.

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Writing a Professional eBook the Right Way http://thingzforyou.com/blog/writing-a-professional-ebook-the-right-way?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=writing-a-professional-ebook-the-right-way http://thingzforyou.com/blog/writing-a-professional-ebook-the-right-way#comments Sun, 17 Jul 2011 08:20:32 +0000 Celine Brooks http://thingzforyou.com/blog/writing-a-professional-ebook-the-right-way

The internet has transformed in the last few years and has grown into a huge information hub for the world. People who browse the web are basically browsing for specific information that they can sink their teeth into right now. You can fill this gap by writing your own eBook that addresses to a particular topic that your target audience will be interested in. These days, people find it enjoyable to download and read eBooks that they get from the internet. This is because they are now so easy to use as a result of gadgets such as Amazon’s Kindle and Apple’s iPad. But, there are particular items that all eBook writers should remember.

It is important to be focused if you want to write an eBook that will earn money. This is the key to writing great eBooks; don’t let your attention stray because the more targeted information you giveaway in your eBook, the better it is. For example, if you’re writing an eBook about “dog training tips”, then stick to the subject and don’t try to cover everything in dog training. People who read eBooks on the internet are typically hoping to find specific information that they can use right away.

In addition, do not forget that the quality of your eBook depends on how well you craft it. One of the main reasons why publishers reject books over and over again is because they are written poorly. So, if you want to give your targeted viewers something that will truly appreciate as well as great information, then make sure you pay attention to your presentation too. No one will give your eBook much credit or even want to read if it is not written in a professional manner. You need to be very sure of what you’re writing and how you’re writing it.

Be sure that you are specific when you ask people to give you critiques of your book. Would you like people to critique your grammar as well as your spelling? Do you need help with the flow and consistency of your book? How about your content’s quality and usability? It is important to be specific when you ask others for feedback so you’ll know just what kinds of changes need to be made? Make sure to heed the feedback you receive because, after all, creating a good eBook takes a lot of time and hard work.

Basically, this article allows us to see how simple it is to start your own eBook business and see good long term results. There are a lot of online entrepreneurs that have created six figure income businesses promoting nothing but eBooks in a lot of different niches. It does not matter why kind of eBook you want to produce. As long as there is a market for it, you will succeed. So, if you have always wanted to build your own online business, then eBooks publications is your ideal option.

There is no reason to ever purchase a mailing list of web users that like ebooks, when you can get them for free using different social web sites. The key to success; Knowledge. Hey, view this blog post about timeshare leads and learn from the pros.

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How Visitors Will Come To You Using The Best SEO Services http://thingzforyou.com/blog/how-visitors-will-come-to-you-using-the-best-seo-services?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=how-visitors-will-come-to-you-using-the-best-seo-services http://thingzforyou.com/blog/how-visitors-will-come-to-you-using-the-best-seo-services#comments Sat, 16 Jul 2011 08:30:36 +0000 Tom Williams http://thingzforyou.com/blog/how-visitors-will-come-to-you-using-the-best-seo-services

Have you wondered how you could increase your business profit with having a website online? You stand to gain a much greater profit if you do have one. However, you will need to know a few things about what to look for when you are searching for the best seo services.

Online is where you should looking as well for the companies that can provide you with the seo service that you will need. There are some things you should get from the company that you choose that is going to help you in gaining the most traffic to your website. Without adequate traffic, your profits will not go anywhere.

Some of the things you will get from a seo company are the tools that will enable you to have better control over your website. There is a lot of software available that is just for helping you to maintain your site. You can have much better traffic and more using the right tools.

If you do not know anything about keyword optimization, then you should have a one on one conversation about its importance with your choice of seo professional. This is one of the most important parts of the search engines being able to pick up your site and send traffic to it. This is essentially also the way to higher profits as well.

Having a record of how many visitors you have to your website is also important. You can get software that will help you with this by monitoring visitation and giving you exact numbers for it. Be sure keep up with these numbers because when they get too low, it is a sign that you need to update the pages on your website.

Running a business and the website for it will be a lot to keep up with. One way you can have a little help in doing this is called article management software that is intended for helping you to keep fresh content on your site. Without maintaining this part of a website, it will eventually find its way to the bottoms of the search engine list. You will also fall back in profits as well.

Everyone has gotten those emails in their inbox that they automatically delete without opening. If you are interested in upgrading your profits with email marketing, then you will need the right kind of tool for it. You need to have effective mass emails that will not get deleted, but will appeal to those that receive them. This would be another factor to talk to the professionals about having for your website business.

You should take time to review all the information available that you can about search engine optimization and the tools that come with it for your website. Finding the best seo services is easier when you know a little about what it is you are looking for. This is also a great way to be able to know when you are getting your moneys worth as well.Choosing to use the internet for your business is a great business move.

Locating the best SEO services to use on your business website is certain to enhance your chances of success. Learn more about the techniques and methods of search engine optimization by visiting the website at http://BestCheapSeoServices.com .

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What You Don’t Know About SEO http://thingzforyou.com/blog/what-you-dont-know-about-seo?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=what-you-dont-know-about-seo http://thingzforyou.com/blog/what-you-dont-know-about-seo#comments Thu, 14 Jul 2011 09:19:52 +0000 Jack Rippa http://thingzforyou.com/blog/what-you-dont-know-about-seo

There will come an occasion in every webmasters life when they contemplate, what is search engine optimization?

I will explain what Website seo means to your rank, to search engines and what to do about this! In common terms, SEO is scored on how plainly the search engines see your website. It won’t see graphics, it does not see colours, all it can discover is text, alt tags for images, tables and links.

So when you design your site for the customers, thats beneficial to them, but if you can’t get any individuals to your website because the search engine hasn’t graded you high enough then your doomed. Were you aware that 67% of users will definitely not see your web site until its on the first page of whatever search engines you work with?

If that isn’t undesirable enough. You have to make certain that your title, meta description, meta keywords and page content are all essential if you want a terrific SEO score. Google as one of the primary search engines looks to get your google page rank. Google page rank is Exactly how well your page is ranked within other websites making use of google’s link analysis algorithm. Nobody except for the persons at google know exactly how the algorithm runs.

What most of us do know: PageRank or PR is a value from 0 to 10. 0 being at the smallest end of link popularity, and 10 being in the leading few websites in the universe. This value is very vital when figuring out how much a internet site is worth and where your page will sit with regard to SEO.

SEO is at the same time centered on your Alexa rank. Alexa rank is structured on how many people pay a visit to each website. The way they track each website is by having a alexa toolbar that you may install on virtually any web browser. Each time you visit a website you will see the alexa rank by the toolbar and alexa accumulates up all the information and comes up with the particular rank.

Its all in the backlinks. Backlinks attribute to a large part of your search engine optimization rating. The extra one-way links to your internet site the better. Nevertheless quanitity is not anywhere near as significant as quality.

In conclusion. Make certain you have as a number of quality high page rank back-links going to your internet site as attainable. Increase your Alexa rank through adding the toolbar and so when you view your website these people track it. Discover the best keywords to work with for your internet site and make certain to include it to your images alt text. Most of all. Understand all you can and under no circumstances stop studying!

Find out more on SEO!

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Backlinks Are Key To Any Internet Marketer’s Success http://thingzforyou.com/blog/backlinks-are-key-to-any-internet-marketers-success?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=backlinks-are-key-to-any-internet-marketers-success http://thingzforyou.com/blog/backlinks-are-key-to-any-internet-marketers-success#comments Wed, 13 Jul 2011 09:19:31 +0000 Rob Fore http://thingzforyou.com/blog/backlinks-are-key-to-any-internet-marketers-success

Any Internet marketer will tell you that to see profits, you have to get interested people to see your offers. One popular, but very expensive way to get site traffic is by making use of pay per click advertising programs like Google’s Adwords. Still, there are other means to get traffic without paying for every visitor. By building backlinks to your web sites and web pages, you can attract good web site traffic. Backlinks are the major backbone for numerous online marketers because they have realized how vital backlink building can be for their success.

Even though majority of you already know, there are some who don’t, so I will explain backlinking. Essentially, all a backlink is, is a link which is on one website that points to a different site. So in your case, you should build backlinks on other sites that point back to your web site or money page. Nearly all online marketers will agree that backlinks are used by search engines to determine how important your web site is to phrases that people are searching for. For instance, if you have a site for selling tattoo designs, the more keyword targeted links you have pointing to your website from other web sites, with the keyword phrase “tattoo designs” as the link text, the higher your web site will rank for that specific keyword.

Although it is not hard to see the importance of these links, building them is never that easy. In this article, we are going to talk about how to get started building these types of links so you can start getting more attention from the search engines.

One method of backlink building that has been used for many years is the method of submitting your URLs to web site directories. A website directory is exactly what it sounds like: it is a directory that lists sites. This is really a very simple method to use since all you do is submit your internet site URL, a title and in many cases a short description of your web site. The title will end up being a keyword targeted link to your website so you will want the title to be a keyword you are aiming to rank high in. Most directories review submissions so it can take several days or even weeks to get listed, but once you are listed, you have a backlink. If you do a search on any search engine, you will be able to find thousands of directories that you can submit to.

One more way many online marketers begin building high quality backlinks is by using a strategy known as article marketing This is a simple technique that can require a bit more time. All you need to do is write an article about your website and submit it to article directories. You then place a link pointing back to your site in a resource box. One thing you should remember is to avoid submitting the same article to all the article directories. Rewrite them before submitting so you have no links in duplicate content. This helps make the value of the link in the article stronger.

At any rate, there are lots of other ways to build backlinks for your web site, but these methods should get you going. And if you wish to speed things up, there are programs to help you with your submissions. See to it that you are purchasing quality software. Although these software packages can assist you, there are software programs online that are just ineffective.

Get more mlm marketing ideas by joining our free 5 day article marketing bootcamp that shows how we raked in 800 leads, thousands in commissions and more using working part time from home in less than 90 days

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Efficient Facebook Marketing – What You Need to Know http://thingzforyou.com/blog/efficient-facebook-marketing-what-you-need-to-know?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=efficient-facebook-marketing-what-you-need-to-know http://thingzforyou.com/blog/efficient-facebook-marketing-what-you-need-to-know#comments Tue, 12 Jul 2011 07:35:33 +0000 Mario Van Burron http://thingzforyou.com/blog/efficient-facebook-marketing-what-you-need-to-know Small Business SEO Services. The purpose of this article is to show you how Facebook can be effectively utilized to build your business and grow your brand.]]>

Social marketing and social networking truly has lit up the internet skies. As an Internet marketer you should take the necessary steps to take advantage of it by starting your marketing work through Facebook and Small Business SEO Services. The purpose of this article is to show you how Facebook can be effectively utilized to build your business and grow your brand.


An effective way to use Facebook for marketing purposes is to use it as a content publishing platform and as a dedicated channel to get your content to reach out as far as possible. You know that with email marketing you have to give a freebie away, and Facebook is no different in that respect.

Facebook offers you an advanced way to analyze and understand the activity of your Page through Facebook Insights. This is what you will use to learn what people are doing as they come and go from your Facebook fan page.

As you get more and more people to like your Facebook page, you’ll have to keep up with your fans by sending them updates whenever necessary. One of the duties of the fan page or group admin person is that is who delivers a note to each person who likes your fan page. But only send things that are appropriate and valuable because you need to respect their time. If you contact them too much, then people will start unsubscribing to your updates.

As a business, play around with Facebook to see what you can do with it to go beyond your Page. For instance, Facebook now allows you to navigate through the site as a “Page” rather than a “User”. Think about being in page mode and going around to walls in your niche and talking to them. Offering solid comments that people can use is most important here in this situation. The avoidance of spam applies here at Facebook just as much as anywhere else.

You can do quite well with social media and Facebook marketing if you learn the ropes and talk to people. Facebook is a lot of fun, or can be, and it all depends on what you make of it.

Facebook marketing and SEO Packages are very effective in gaining traffic to your site. For more information on this and other SEO strategies visit http://www.googletopsearch.com/

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Increase Your Twitter Following http://thingzforyou.com/blog/increase-your-twitter-following?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=increase-your-twitter-following http://thingzforyou.com/blog/increase-your-twitter-following#comments Fri, 08 Jul 2011 10:07:10 +0000 Mark Boardman http://thingzforyou.com/blog/increase-your-twitter-following

The actual manner Twitter works is that we follow people, and they follow you back, or vice versa. Unfortunately there are a few strict limits used. You can follow up to 2,000 individuals yet after that we will be restricted to following only 1.1 times the total of individuals which are following you. So if we have 10,000 followers, we will be able to track up to 11,000 folks and no more. Right now there is in addition a daily cap of 500 which often of course stops people building up massive spam accounts.

Your next issue will be that a lot of persons who you shadow won’t follow you back, so it really is necessary to periodically unfollow anybody who has not followed you back, then you can begin adding followers again.

So, to increase your following you will need to follow lots of individuals (up to 500 per day), then you will need to unfollow all those that fail to reciprocate (I would normally wait 7 days before unfollowing).

Using these basic rules your following will slowly, but surely, increase. This takes time and patience but as you get more followers the rate of increase will speed up.

Twitter is a superb way to build traffic and status for your blog or organization, and due to it’s high authority on Google it also provides a very strong backlink from your Twitter bio back to your web page. This alone is an important factor for tweeting. Also if you have not already, get signed up on Twellow.com

I hope the above helps and keep in mind that you really need to be patient to raise your twitter following. If you follow the above principles then over time you will be in a position to develop a significant following. There’s lots of e-books and advice out there, and different tools, but the above is pretty much all I have used to get my 85,000 plus followers (as of January 2011).

Mark Boardman is an SEO professional offering Expert SEO services. For further information Follow Me On Twitter.

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Billig SEO- Information About Norwegian SEO http://thingzforyou.com/blog/billig-seo-information-about-norwegian-seo?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=billig-seo-information-about-norwegian-seo http://thingzforyou.com/blog/billig-seo-information-about-norwegian-seo#comments Wed, 06 Jul 2011 09:50:38 +0000 James Johnsen http://thingzforyou.com/blog/billig-seo-information-about-norwegian-seo

There are many people who are obsessed with getting top ranking for any keyword or key phrases on Google. There are much better ways to convert well and get someone to opt in your newsletter or buy your product than wasting your time and money on building links for keywords or key phrases that don’t generate money. Based on my experience the best way is to look at your server log instead of trying to get ranking for any keyword that is not necessary for your website.

In your server log you will notice specifically what individuals have sought for to search out your website. When you find out about it, then you have to focus on those keywords or key phrases. Let me provide you another example: in Norway many Norwegian freelancers and firms work their ass off for this keyword : “skemotoroptimalsiering” means that search engine optimization in English. Therefore when Norwegians wish to seek out a corporation to figure on their search engine optimization, they wouldn’t write this long word. This Norwegian word appears like very standard, but the truth is, this word is work of artificial keyword typing on Google. What I mean is that these SEO firms cheat on keywords to make it sound popular on Google.no

A number of these companies create a word that they want to get ranking. After all many Norwegian users don’t even grasp what this word means. Many users do not have information about search engines. So they do not care if their keyword or key phrase ranks on Google. Some of these people don’t even search on Google. They use bound Norwegian search engines or telephone book or ask their friend if they want to shop for something. Several Norwegians don’t live in the large cities and own farm. If they use Web, they would need it for calculation of their crops or using tax software or reading fashionable Norwegian on-line newspaper VG.

An standard user never writes such an extended keyword. In Fact several Norwegians don’t have a web site, if a number of them do have a web site; they have an inclination to induce it free on free hosting sites or a free blog. They do not find it necessary to optimize their blog for the search engines. So those individuals who think that phrase “SEO Norway” is a term that generate cash for their sites are wrong. When it comes to keyword and looking out on the online, there are users who are determined to buy a product or service, these people use long sentences to seek out a sensible product. For instance on my website maria-johnsen.com, I wrote about many things and I buy a lot of visitors for my terms. I don’t need to focus on too general and broad keywords. As a result of it’s waste of your time and money. I never even go when those too general keywords, as a result of they don’t convert well. So the question is that who use these keywords? Well let me tell you who. These users are web scrapers and curious users who are after obtaining info about some terms. Real buyers write long sentences. Real potential customers who very want to buy one thing, write like this:

When it comes to keyword and searching on the net, there are users who are determined to buy a product or service, these people use long sentences to find a good product. For instance on my website maria-johnsen.com, I wrote about many things and I get a lot of visitors for my terms. I don’t need to target too general and broad keywords. Because it is waste of time and money. I never even go after those too general keywords, because they don’t convert well. So the question is that who use these keywords? Well let me tell you who. These users are web scrapers and curious users who are after getting information about some terms. Real buyers write long sentences. Real potential customers who really want to buy something, write like this: ” Affordable webhosting services that are secure and cheap” . ” Cheap and secure website hosting” Or “Dress for XXL teens” and so on. As you see the structure of sentences may not be correct grammatically or sound cheesy, but these people who write these sentences are shoppers and if you have optimized your website for such keywords, you need to create a page with good content then target long sentences. This is how search engines, especially Google give you the best ranking ever.

Visit SEO and find the best SEO Norway experts. If you need SEO link building for your website,contact sales at Golden Way Media.

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How To Get Business Blogging Right The First Time http://thingzforyou.com/blog/how-to-get-business-blogging-right-the-first-time?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=how-to-get-business-blogging-right-the-first-time http://thingzforyou.com/blog/how-to-get-business-blogging-right-the-first-time#comments Mon, 04 Jul 2011 08:37:20 +0000 Brunilda Bien http://thingzforyou.com/blog/how-to-get-business-blogging-right-the-first-time Winning roulette strategies business website has also implemented the same idea for building the better market standing.]]>

Fortunately, developing a successful business blog does not involve rocket design skills or anything close to it – just vision, knowledge and a little elbow grease. But do not rush out and make a blog unless you are very sure of the value it will have for your business. Relevant content is the important thing to bear in mind as you are creating and publishing your blog content. You will find that readers will respond to your sincere writing about your business, and that is the path to positive relationships with them. In the following article we shall be looking into three useful business blogging ideas that you shouldn’t ignore. Winning roulette strategies business website has also implemented the same idea for building the better market standing.

Your ultimate goal, besides making money, is getting there by making your blog ultra sticky. Internal link structure is really important, and you can do this either manually or with a plugin. The two reasons for this are strong navigation for your visitors plus it helps with SEO efforts. The more you can decrease your site’s bounce rate, the higher will be your SEO score with Google. Keeping your internally linked posts have some relational value is really crucial to providing a satisfying experience.

Also remember that this is human nature 101, and that means if you never reply to them they will stop comment or even visiting. This is your business, and you should not neglect an important part of it. When you do this, you will find that some of them will become regulars. If you do it all right, then you will see a high percentage of returning traffic.

Try to get comfortable with showing your true thoughts and emotions, and your audience will love it. It doesn’t matter what business you’re involved with, there will be certain areas of your work that you will have extreme passion for. One of the best situations is the lone online marketer, and we know for a fact that something exists that gets the blood flowing faster. But you cannot overuse your strong emotions, and another approach is with the more philosophical posts. If you feel strongly enough about a subject, then you will find it is easier to work with and write about.

Just do what you have to do with writing posts, and for one thing you will improve over time. Most marketers are a bit lazy, and if you want to excel then be different and improve your writing. Some people approach their writing in terms of how fast can they accomplish it, and that is really not the point of it. It is really not so important about level of difficulty with the topic just as long as it is something you want to do then that is fine. Online roulette system is also offers you an extremely refined help and facility through which you can win online.

Giving your market the kind of information they are looking will make it all right for you.

Peter Macpherson teaches web design as well as youth golf instruction and golf lessons for youths at The National Golf Academy.

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Click Through Rate Secrets The Gurus Don’t Want You To Know http://thingzforyou.com/blog/click-through-rate-secrets-the-gurus-dont-want-you-to-know?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=click-through-rate-secrets-the-gurus-dont-want-you-to-know http://thingzforyou.com/blog/click-through-rate-secrets-the-gurus-dont-want-you-to-know#comments Fri, 01 Jul 2011 08:59:05 +0000 Daniel Lezcek http://thingzforyou.com/blog/click-through-rate-secrets-the-gurus-dont-want-you-to-know

Getting a higher rate of click throughs and conversions is the key to ensuring the success of your AdWords campaign. The idea is to make as much money as possible from your campaign. So, how are you supposed to get a better CTR on your ad? So, what needs to be done to make sure you get that CTR up? We’ll discuss it in this article.

Work with Long Tail Keywords: It is a well-known fact that if you use highly specific keyword phrases, you will be able to connect to a more targeted segment of your audience. The ‘long tail’ keyword phrases generally have a lesser search count, but since they are very specific, you have higher chances of getting people to click on your ad. Apart from that, you have the advantage of having lower competition for these keywords, which means you’ll end up paying less for them.

Test the Position of Your Keywords: This strategy is meant to help you get your campaign up and running as quickly as possible because it isn’t meant to improve your CTR too much. It helps you increase your clickthrough rate since it automatically inserts the keyword into your ad, making it more relevant. Keyword insertion doesn’t always deliver the expected results, meaning that you will need to be careful. You have to be strategic when writing your ad because it needs to make sense when the keyword is replaced as well as getting your message across.

Disconnect Content Ad Campaigns: Your overall clickthrough level is unaffected by content networks but things can get complicated when you try to figure out what your clickthrough rate is on the entire campaign. It will be easier for you to evaluate your results if you split them up into two separate campaigns. It will also make life a lot easier when you evaluate and view the conversion data.

Use search network to test with. You’ll need to test well and test often if you want to really know how effective your ads are. Testing is how you determine whether your sales are going to be dismal or better than ever. Testing often is the only way you can have a good idea of how well your CTR campaign is going to perform. Some campaigns will perform much better for certain keyword phrases than others. When you test prior to launching your campaign you’ll avoid paying for clicks that aren’t going to pay off for you. It takes time, patience and perseverance to put together an AdWords campaign that generates consistent results and excellent profits. When you are working on a campaign you need to forget about your feelings because you need to be practical if you want to ensure you are making the right choices.

The Google affiliate network has gotten a bad reputation when it comes to making money on the internet. This is surprising. Visit the author’s blog to learn why.

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