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7 Fun Ideas For Stag Parties

So its down to you to coordinate the upcoming stag party for your friend and you do not want to let him and everybody else down! Well don’t fear as underneath are a number of really awesome ideas for stag parties that will give you all a famous night.

1. Send out invitations on cut outs of beer bottles or of a lap dancer. Be inventive with yor invites to get all the men in the mood and thinking of the stag party from an early period.

2. Create a Facebook group for your event. Here you can all put up recommendations about the night and keep everyone knowledgeable about any changes to plans or significant events. You might even be really sneaky and start a “proper” Facebook event group without the groom where you can all suggest ways to humiliate him. This way a few things are kept covert.

3. Lots of stag parties are held abroad these days. Well-liked locations take in Talinn, Riga in addition to Prague for UK citizens. For North Americans mull over Vegas, Atlantic City or Mexico. Where is it that the groom has always wanted to go?

4. I highly encourage you to do something totally crazy and madcap that none of you have carried out before and that nobody would think of without the help of this piece of writing. Consider tank driving, white water rafting, kayaking, sky diving or human table football. It’s even achievable to go sumo wrestling where you dress in giant padded suits and attempt to shove your stag buddy outside the ring. Just remember to take your digital camera with you for the reason that nobody will accept as true you went.

5. Nominate somebody to be the photographer for the night. For guys, their stag night is one of the few particular moments of their lifetimes that only comes about the 1 time (with any luck) so make that somebody is at hand to snap plenty of memories forever.

6. Start planning the stag party as soon as possible. It is not uncommon to plan details a full six months in advance! Numerous party oriented towns can be extremely tricky getting hotels if left to the last minute, so use your Facebook group to request any essential deposit money at an early stage! This generally will reduce dropout rates if people have previously paid you cash.

7. Have a sub-theme for your festivity where everyone dresses up similar. Mull over sailors, pirates, figher pilots or priests. If not then at least all get matching t-shirts with a giant image of the groom.

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